Remote Support

This page provides access to our remote support tools

These should only be used when directed to by one of our Support technicians.

We have two tools available:

  1. UltraVNC SC
  2. TeamViewer

UltraVNC is a light-weight VNC client that does not use the registry and does not require administrative rights on your PC. It allows you to start a session enabling our support technicians to connect to your PC and assist in diagnosing complex problems.

TeamViewer is commercial product that establishes communications via the TeamViewer servers thus circumventing potential firewall restrictions. It may be installed on your PC, or run immediately.

Both methods involve the download of an executable to your PC which should then be run. You will be presented with a number of support locations to connect to. Please do not do this unless instructed to by one of our support technicians.

The executable may be obtained by selecting the relevant option from the list above. As always, when downloading software to your PC, we recommend that you have an up-to-date virus checker installed.

Once the executable has been closed, it will no longer be possible for our support technicians to access your PC thus ensuring your privacy. It can also be closed at any time during the support session. Moving your mouse will allow you to take control of your PC immediately blocking input for the support technician.