Navan Utilities

Navan Utilities (NUTIL) is a collection of utilities designed to improve Programmer productivity on the IBM midrange platform.

These utilities have been continually developed over a number of years by our Developers and have proven themselves to be very useful in day-to-day Programming and Operations Tasks.

Some of the utilities included are:

  • Job Scheduler
  • Database Editor
  • Email Utilities
  • PDF Creation
  • Program Generator
  • Spool File Archiving
  • Report Distribution
  • Cross-Reference Utility 

You can download the full NUTIL Program Product as an ISO image to burn your own CD or for use in a Virtual Image Catalog

Or alternatively you can download it as a Save File which can be transferred to your system directly 

NUTIL Current Product CD (ISO Image)

NUTIL Current Product Save File 

The downloadable version will work for 30 days from the date of installation on your iSeries, free of charge!

For a more complete overview of the NUTIL product, please click here

Online NUTIL User Guide

For all available fixes for NUTIL - please click here