CD Maker

Welcome to CDMaker, the Navan utility that enables you to create iSeries CD-ROM disks for distributing your applications to other iSeries machines.

Using CDMaker, you can use normal, low-cost CDs to distribute your own software packages, instead of using far more expensive tapes.

You can create a CD for backup purposes, such as SAVLIB allowing you to distribute saved libraries to machines even when the tape drives are incompatible.


You can download the full CDMaker Program Product by clicking the following link or from our Downloads section.

The downloadable version will work for 30 days from the date of installation on your iSeries, free of charge!


Technical Support is available for the duration of your Evaluation period via Email - use our Contact section to send an email to one of our Developers. 

For a more complete overview of the CDMaker product, please click here