Object Auditing Facility

The Object Auditing Facility was created as a means of keeping track of where all of your disk space is being used. Also, when it all seems to have disappeared, you can use the facility to track down the culprits.

As supplied it can provide a lot of meaningful information that you can start to use, and act upon, straight away. As an added extra you are provided with all source code for the facility, so you can build in your own corporate requirements.

The facility has 3 functional areas:

  1. Building the object auditing database, which takes a snapshot of your system
  2. Reporting functions that read the data in the audit database and print standard exception reports
  3. Cleaning utilities, to act on the information in the auditing database.

You can download the Object Auditing Facility from the following link, or by visting our download section (the download is a self-extracting zip file which contains detailed instructions on installing the application on your IBM i)

You can view the user documentation online by clicking on the link below:

 Object Auditing Facility User Guide