Navan Services
As IBM i and iSeries specialists we are able to offer our services on a consultancy basis for small and short term projects.

We supply programming services, project management and consultancy and are happy to quote daily rates (either off or on-site) as well as fixed prices.

Our areas of expertise include:

i5 520 Front
--Systems analysis and design
--Programming in both OPM and ILE environments 
--WebSphere MQ Series Application Programming
--Legacy system maintenance and enhancements
--Documentation support
--Hardware and Communications technical support
--Networks and Networking assistance
--Operating System Upgrades



Using the tools in our Navan Utilities - NUTIL package (a copy of which comes supplied free* with every contracted project undertaken) we can help to drastically reduce your project's programming development costs.

To discuss your specific needs and determine schedule availability please contact us directly by email

(* subject to contract terms and conditions)